the Mokusho Zen House wishes a happy new year and strong practice for everybody!

There are many exciting programs waiting for us in 2018, some of them are still taking shape. Some of the future dates have been already changed, since their initial announcement, you can check the latest calendar here. A few important points:

  • This year the Mokudo sesshin will take place in France and will be lead by master Stephane Kosen, between the 27th of April and 1st of May. There is already an increased interest, therefore we kindly ask you to reserve your place as soon as possible!
  • In 2018 we are also planning to consecrate the Senkuji zen temple in Ecuador. Right now, it seems that we will travel to Ecuador at the end of August, but more details will be revealed soon!

Soon there will be a practice weekend in Budapest, which is a great opportunity for beginners and re-starters, so join us in Taisenji between 25th and 28th of January!

In case of questions, information or registration, please drop us an e-mail at: info.mokushoze@gmail.com !