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The secret of Buddhism

To abandon these particular conditions, the individual conditions, it is to become a monk. To quite the family, to leave the house and to never return to our home. The secret of Buddhism, the secret of religion is this non-possession. […]

Stopping and Seeing

As for the stopping and seeing of the mind, sitting straight, correctly mindful, one clears away wrong consciousness and abandons errant thoughts. Do not think at random, or grab on to appearances, just focus solely on the realm of reality. With one thought on the realm of reality, focusing is stopping, and one thought is [...]

Mushotoku mind

  I always speak of mushotoku during zazen. To see the mind mushotoku, without seeking anything: otherwise we are in error. Zen means to stop everything, to give up everything, to get rid of all thought and idea, to get rid of every dream, and every illusion, to lose all notions and concepts, to free [...]


In the Great Way of the Buddhas and Patriarchs surely there is supreme ceaseless practice that continues endlessly. There is not the slightest gap between awakening the mind, practice, enlightenment, and nirvana; ceaseless practice continuously revolves. Therefore, it does not depend on individual powerful acts nor on the spirit of others. It is undefiled ceaseless [...]