As for the stopping and seeing of the mind, sitting straight, correctly mindful, one clears away wrong consciousness and abandons errant thoughts. Do not think at random, or grab on to appearances, just focus solely on the realm of reality.

With one thought on the realm of reality, focusing is stopping, and one thought is seeing.

When you believe all phenomena are the teaching of Buddha, there is no before or after; there are no more boundaries. There is no knower, no speaker. If there is no knowing or speaking, it is not existent or nonexistent. One is neither knower not nonknower; apart from these extremes, one abides where there is nothing to dwell on, just as the Buddhas abide, resting in the silent realm of reality. Do not be afraid of this profound teaching.

Stopping & Seeing – A Comprehensive Course in Buddhist Meditation, by Chih-i, Translated by Thomas Cleary