To abandon these particular conditions, the individual conditions, it is to become a monk. To quite the family, to leave the house and to never return to our home. The secret of Buddhism, the secret of religion is this non-possession.

It is very difficult to practice with the body-mind which belongs to us. “My zazen is good, my zazen is bad. I would like to stay in my room, I am not in a good shape.” The zazen is to practice with the body, which does not belong to us.

Dogen explains like this: “This is the grasses, the trees, the infinite transformations.” To become intimate with the nature. To forget the individual ego, to be the self which fills the entire universe.Every mind is zanmai. Non-duality, non-separation, non-fight, non-war. The true peace of mind. The secret of this peace is the non-possession. To push the sky with the head and the earth with the knees. Concentrate on your posture by not keeping any distance between yourself and the Way, between yourself and the truth, between yourself and God. God is not remote and unattainable, he is the tiles, the stones, the walls and the mountains.

Mokusho Zeisler – Commentaries of Master Dogen’s Shanjujichi Bodaibunpo